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Tips for a Successful Black Friday

Black Friday, the single biggest shopping day of the year, is an event that some people look forward to all year. The prospect of scoring new electronics, gadgets, or almost anything else at a hugeshutterstock_236885407 discount is enough to get people out at the earliest hours of the morning, so why not be prepared for it? While it is possible to score great deals, it’s important to watch out for subpar deals advertising to be something that they’re not.

The tips below will help you get the best possible deal on Black Friday while keeping frustration to a minimum.

Start Early

Gone are the days of simply going to bed early and getting out to the shops at a reasonable hour to score those deals. In fact, it’s even becoming common for stores to open on Thursday night, and stay open through Friday! Check out the advertised specials in the days leading up to Black Friday as this will give you an indication of how good the real Black Friday deals will be at that particular store.

Study Beforehand

Don’t leave the house without a game plan. Study print and online ads up to the hour before you head out to shop, as retailers are constantly changing their offers. Use these to help determine the locations you want to visit first.

Compare Prices

If you find a great price on something at one retailer, don’t stop there. Use one of the many online comparison sites to make sure there isn’t a better price anywhere else. Be wary though; some larger retailers make it difficult to comparison shop by using unique model numbers on their products.

Stick to Your Budget

It may seem simple, but once you’re in the middle of the madness, it can seem impossible to not blow your budget out of the water. Those doorbuster sales that are only available in very limited quantities? Those are designed to pull you in so the retailers can sell you on other products.

Decide in advance how much you want to spend, and try to avoid impulse buying. Some people feel that they are too free with their credit cards, so cash may be a better option for staying on budget this year.

Orlando is one of the largest shopping destinations in the country, and the sales are going to be incredible on Black Friday. If you’re coming to Orlando to get in on the action, look no further than the Rosen Inn for luxurious lodging during your stay. Call us today to book your room at 855-214-4563.

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