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The Pro Bowl in Orlando

Each year, the best of the best in the NFL get together for the Pro Bowl, a battle of the titans to see which conference comes out on top. If you’re looking for great professional football action, it doesn’t get any better than the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando.

What’s on Tap

The Pro Bowl consists of two teams: the AFC team and the NFC team. Each team is made up of the best players of their respective conferences as selected by the coaches, players, and fans. These teams battle it out to see whose top-tier players can make a better super team. The result is often a fast-paced, high-scoring battle.

Friendly Competition

One unique aspect of watching the Pro Bowl in Orlando is that players understand the stakes aren’t as high as they are in a regular season or postseason game. Because of this, watching the Pro Bowl gives you a unique opportunity to see players from different teams—and even different conferences—play alongside one another and have a friendly competition.

What’s particularly unique about this year’s Pro Bowl, however, is that the games have been heating up a bit in recent years. While there was a time when hard hits and competitive play were less than expected in the Pro Bowl, some of the competitions in recent years have been pretty fierce. If you like seeing top players go head to head, this year’s Pro Bowl in Orlando is a good place to be.

A New Chapter

Another thing to watch out for in this year’s Pro Bowl are the up-and-coming younger players. Pro Bowls have recently been dominated by established players, but a changing of the guards could bring quite a few fresh faces into the fold this year.

Making the Trip

If you’re planning on visiting Orlando to watch the Pro Bowl—or visiting Orlando in general—you need to find a good hotel. The Rosen Inn International is a great spot to stay in either case. Give us a call at (407) 996-1600 to make a reservation today.

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