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The Art of Doing Nothing While on Vacation

Do you ever return from vacation feeling more run down than before? Instead of running around trying to check everything off your itinerary, try a do-nothing vacation this year. Trade the current trend of experiencing everything your destination has to offer for the old-fashioned way of vacationing: simply relaxing. Since we are so accustomed to rushing around, it can often be hard to slow down and just be. Check out our tips below to help you master the art of doing nothing. Try them out on your next vacation and you’ll find that you return feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Whether answering emails at work or just scrolling through endless social media feeds in our free time, we are constantly looking at screens. While on vacation, why not take a break? Don’t check email and avoid social media during your trip. Your mind will appreciate not being bombarded by information and your eyes will have a chance to rest from the constant blue light. If you know you won’t be able to avoid the internet for the entirety of your getaway, limit your time online.

Have No Agenda

When planning your vacation, your first instinct may be to create a list of all the places you must see at your destination. However, this is your do-nothing vacation and the only thing on your agenda should be “nothing.” Resist the urge to try to squeeze in as much as possible during your vacation. Once you check-in to your hotel, just go with the flow. Sleeping in, leisurely strolls, and poolside daydreaming are all perfectly acceptable and encouraged during your do-nothing vacation.

Be a Wanderer

If you decide to explore, do so leisurely and without any itinerary. If possible, avoid driving – no need to worry about traffic or getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Walk or take a bus instead to really get to know your new surroundings. Don’t worry about trying to see everything. If something catches your eye, check it out. If not, move on. In Orlando, the I-Drive Trolley is perfect for a leisurely tour of the International Drive area.

Family Bonding

If you’re traveling with family you’ll have plenty of opportunities for quality bonding time. Don’t worry about boredom. Since your days won’t be filled with endless sightseeing, the kids will be able to indulge in all the fun they want! Hang out with your kids as they play as long as they want on the playground or enjoy some friendly competition at the arcade. Splash about and play pool games together or enjoy a movie marathon night in your hotel room, complete with popcorn and snacks.

Dine On-site

Since the goal of a do-nothing vacation is to relax, you’ll want to avoid as much stress as possible. One way to do so is to choose a hotel that has on-site dining. When it’s time to eat, you won’t need to worry about having to drive to a crowded restaurant or scrambling out the door to get breakfast. Stay in your comfy clothes and stroll down to the lobby to enjoy a meal right in your hotel. Many hotels also have a bar where you can enjoy your favorite drink in the comfort of your hotel along with fun activities like karaoke or game nights.

Ideal for do-nothing vacations, Rosen Inn International has a buffet and bar, as well as a mini market with a deli, souvenirs, and convenience items. Forgot a last minute item? The mini market is open until midnight so you can pick up whatever you need. It’s also the perfect place to shop for those movie night snacks. To book your relaxing do-nothing vacation, speak with our agents at 407-996-1600.

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