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SeaWorld Orlando Opening Surf-tastic New Coaster in 2023

Surf’s up! SeaWorld Orlando is adding a brand-new coaster to their roster.

The park recently announced that a surf-themed roller coaster will open in 2023. Here’s what we know so far about the surf coaster coming to the “Coaster Capital of Orlando.”

SeaWorld Orlando Surf Coaster Park Entrance

Get Stoked for the SeaWorld Surf Coaster

Based on a teaser released by SeaWorld Orlando, we expect this exhilarating ride to feature lots of bends, twists, and turns to make you feel like you’re cruising on a wave.

The concept video shows a speedy blue roller coaster and a “High Surf Advisory” warning. The cars also feature shoulder restraints, hinting at an intense experience.

Construction Begins

SeaWorld Orlando’s seventh roller coaster is already under construction. Construction workers recently cleared a large plot of land near Bayside Stadium. We expect foundation work and vertical construction to begin soon.

The Best Theme Park in the U.S.

Back in May, SeaWorld claimed the title of “best theme park” in the country in a USA Today online poll. They also won the title of “best new attraction” for their newest coaster, Ice Breaker.

SeaWorld Orlando Surf Coaster Ice Breaker

By adding another roller coaster to their ride lineup, they’ll be ready to defend these titles during next year’s poll.

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SeaWorld Orlando - Rosen Inn International Guestroom

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