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Disney’s Huge New Art Project on I-Drive

Disney I-Drive art installation

Disney plans to install a gargantuan, ribbon-like digital art display on 8050 International Drive which is the Hollywood Plaza garage.

The art installation will weigh 114,671 pounds, be 30 feet high, and 337 feet long. To put it into a better size perspective, the art display will be bigger than a football field. The cost is estimated to be around $1 million, but it could exceed that amount. Acomb Ostendorf & Associates of Winter Park, the developer, and Hollywood Plaza Garage Realty, the parking garage owner, are working together to make this project a reality. Disney is also partnering with Mitsubishi, a Japan-based company, to install and maintain the art display.

It is reported that construction is expected to last less than a year and the screen should be turned on in 2022.

A New Level of Advertising

Disney creators said the display will be able to change or move and will show artwork including Disney’s iconic characters, franchises, and famous attractions.

There are conceptual examples that show the image of Disney World’s Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster in Hollywood Studios. The screen will face Orlando’s main highway Interstate 4 and look north toward downtown. Just on Interstate 4, more than 200,000 cars pass by daily and in the future, the cars will be passing the digital display. International Drive alone attracts more than 15 million tourists annually. In the future, the screen can be used as an advertising tactic showing tourists new Disney attractions, events, or even just creating the want of visiting Disney.

The goal of the digital art display is to gain more exposure and bring more guests to the Walt Disney World Resort.

On top of the new art display, Disney will open a retail store on the bottom floor of the Hollywood Plaza garage. Although there isn’t a description of what the retail store will look like, we can all expect something fantastic because Disney never shoots for anything less than impressive.

Disney’s new art display will most likely inspire others to pursue the same venture, especially north of Sand Lake Road and near the Convention Center. Similar digital displays can market towards visiting conventions or even be used as a welcome sign for attendees around the convention district.

The History

Disney predicts the new technology will be an I-Drive icon at the beginning of Sand Lake Road and will advance the Orange County Dynamic Art Program’s plan to promote works of art to the public.

The art display has been in the talks for years, with supporters comparing it to installments at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and Sydney Opera House. The application for the digital art project was filed with Orange County and was approved earlier this month. Now the project is seeking building permits. The display is projected to further the I-Drive 2040 plan which is a commitment to maintaining I-Drive as the world’s premier global destination for tourism and family entertainment.  Orange County hopes that the broader scale works of art will encourage creativity and develop a strong sense of place in the county.

In January 2020, Orange County voted to allow users on International Drive to have large video screens with art or graphics, but 10% or less of the screen can be used for advertising texts.

Other rules include the screens being at least 600 feet from I-4 and only buildings that exceed two stories in height can have screens. Walt Disney World resort jumped on the opportunity to advertise their company and the screen can be used to generate revenue from selling sponsorships if Disney chooses to do so.

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