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Bourne from Cyberdyne’s Ashes

Stunt Show

A new live-action stunt show, the Bourne Stuntacular, is waiting to thrill you at Universal Studios Florida. This attraction hopes to herald a new ago of stunt shows as it replaces the Terminator 2 3-D show. As you enter Jason Bourne’s world, your senses will go into overload as you desperately try to separate real live action from cinema magic.

Bringing Down Cyberdyne

Earlier this year, Universal Studios said goodbye to Terminator 2 3-D. This theatrical attraction blended a heavy dose of 3-D movie technology with live action. As the building housing this attraction removed Cyberdyne from the façade (ironically the whole point of the Terminator movies—bring down Cyberdyne), Universal sought to strategically capitalize on wild popularity of the Jason Bourne movie franchise.

An Unexpected Delay

Final development and release of the ride has been prolonged due to the unprecedented global pandemic. At the time of this writing, the park remains closed for the safety of guests and its staff. We hope the park will open soon—when it’s safe. Until then, the Bourne Stuntacular awaits to rise from the ashes of the Terminator 2 3-D attraction.

Bourne Stuntacular: As Secretive as the CIA

Production has been under tight wraps as we await the delayed release date. We still don’t know much about this new attraction. The gift shop has been open for a while, but that hasn’t revealed any secrets of the attraction. What we know at this time is that the Bourne Stuntacular blends live-action with theatrical magic supported by pyrotechnics and other special effects.

NBC Today Show gave us a tiny sneak peek as one of their anchors joined the cast of stunt actors in a massive fight scene. More clues came from a vlogger who recorded the sounds of a test run while he stood next to the exit doors in the gift shop. This tiny hint of what the show could be like included muffled dialogue, sounds of gunfire and explosions, and the motion of the exit doors “exploding” outward at the end of the show.

Rosen Inn International, a Hotel Full of Great Features

As we wait to return to normalcy, we also wait to get back to the things we enjoy. Spring was essentially shut down in Florida and for a good reason. We hope summer will see the return of the fun Florida is best known for, of course, only when it’s deemed safe to get back to life as usual. In the meantime, Rosen Inn International stands by waiting to offer you a safe, affordable place to stay.

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