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Theme Park Spring Shower Survival Guide

On any given day at a theme park, you’re bound to face some challenges that could quickly make your experience an unpleasant one. One of those challenges is being unprepared in the event the weather turns from sunny to rainy in a matter of minutes.

Florida’s weather can be unpredictable, especially during the spring. There could be quick showers, a torrential downpour, or our favorite, raining while the sun is still shining. So, before you head over to the theme park, follow these tips to help you prepare for any spring shower mishaps that may occur.

  • Don’t panic – Many times Florida rain showers happen in quick spurts. Just take cover under a nearby structure until the rain passes.
  • Wear the right gear – If there is rain in the forecast on the days you’ll be at the park, plan to wear clothing you’ll be comfortable in if they were to get wet. Apparel made with synthetic blends, such as Dri-FIT from Nike or Climacool® from Adidas® helps take moisture away from the body, leaving you cool and dry. Wear comfortable, waterproof shoes with good tread. Avoidshoes like flip-flops with no safe tread or shoes that when soaked will keep your feet wet. If you’re concerned about having to wear wet clothing around the park, bring an extra outfit, including shoes, to stash in a rental locker for the day.
  • Pack essentials –Avoid buying expensive park-branded essentials by purchasing them at a super-store. On your shopping list should be items such as an umbrella, raincoat, or poncho. Make sure that if you bring a raincoat, it’s long enough to keep your bottom dry when sitting on the wet seats. Another excellent reason for bringing your rain items with you instead of buying them at the theme park is that you may need them before even getting into the park. Also, bring Ziploc bags to keep your electronics such as a camera and phones and wallets safe from the elements.
  • If a ride is open, take advantage – One of the perks of being at a theme park when it rains is that there are smaller crowds. Don’t try hitting all the indoor attractions in hopes that by the time you are finished the weather will clear because everyone else will be thinking the same thing! Instead, make use of your rain gear and ride all of the outdoor attractions first with little or no wait.
  • Take a lunch break – Like everyone else, you’ll want a dry place to eat at. Phone ahead and make a reservation to avoid having to wait for a table in an inside restaurant.
  • Rent or bring a covered stroller – A covered stroller will help keep the kiddos’ heads and bodies from getting wet while allowing you to dash between attractions quickly.

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