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Titanic Exhibit on I-Drive

A must-see for all intrigued by the Titanic, this interactive museum offers a unique way to step into the past. Upon entry to Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit, you’ll be handed a boarding pass with the name and information of an actual passenger on the Titanic. At the end, you’ll have a chance to find out what happened to your character after the ship struck the iceberg. Museum guides in period costume playing notables from the Titanic assist you through 17 galleries with over 400 artifacts for you to study. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect at the museum.

The Little Big Piece

This section of the ship’s hull is currently on display at the museum. Weighing in at 3 tons, this is the second largest piece ever recovered from the wreckage. In addition to this large artifact, the museum is home to several smaller items recovered from the ship, including fine china, clothing, tools, jewelry, and other personal items.

Full Scale Recreations

To place the artifacts in context, the exhibit features life-size replicas of parts of the Titanic that cannot be safely recovered from the bottom of the ocean. You’ll feel just as if you were on the unsinkable ship as you enter a first class cabin, walk down the grand staircase, and even take a stroll along the promenade deck to feel the chill of the Atlantic air.

Dinner Experience

For a truly immersive time traveling experience you can attend a Titanic Gala Dinner. You’ll dine with first class passengers as they celebrate the retirement of Captain Edward John Smith, then join them on a tour of the exhibit and a recreation of what happened on that fateful night. The dinners take place every Friday and Saturday, and offer a traditional three course meal with vegetarian options available as well.

Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit is within walking distance from Rosen Inn International and less than a two minute drive. Soak up the history at the museum, then relax in your comfortable accommodations at Rosen Inn International where you’ll enjoy modern amenities like HDTV and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. To book your stay, call 407-996-1600.

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