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The New Ninth Planet

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nutella”. This mnemonic device, using the first letter of each planet (in their order) to create new words in a unique sentence, helps us remember the order of planets in our Solar System. (Pluto wasn’t forgotten. It was dropped as a planet back in 2001.) Regardless of what you use to remember the planets, it is about to change. A long, deep peer into the darkest most outer regions of our little system shows promising sign of a big planet orbiting silently well beyond the recently demoted Pluto. Next time you’re in Orlando, you can learn more about this mysterious ninth planet.

One of the coolest factoids about Florida is that science is a big part of our lives, especially with NASA and Cape Canaveral in our backyard. Closer inland, the Orlando Science Center explores all things science-related. The Orlando Science Center has a plethora of educational activities for kids (and adults) to enjoy. Atop the science center is the Crosby Observatory where guests can peer deep into the night sky using the 10” refractor telescope, Florida’s most powerful and largest telescope available to the public. During special viewing events, multiple telescopes are propped around the observatory deck for guests to use.

If you have time and transportation, a visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is worth the drive. Your little future astronauts will have a field day learning more about space discovery and the technology helping us explore the depths of space. For the first time ever, the Kennedy Space Center is hosting a Family Overnight Adventure on November 18th. During this special event, families can camp overnight anywhere inside the Visitor Complex—even under a 363-foot-long Saturn V rocket! This special engagement includes meals and discounts at the retail store and on admission.

Expand your horizons next time you visit Orlando. After visiting the theme parks, excite the mind with fun, hands-on activities and educational experiences that explore the vast world of science. With such an exciting vacation planned, you’ll want a comfortable place to rest. Stay at Rosen Inn International for the perfect family-friendly spot to call your home away from home. Located on International Drive next to Interstate 4, our hotel is the best place for all of your vacation needs. Call today to book a room: 407-996-1600.

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