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King Kong Roars into Orlando—Universal Orlando® Resorts Newest Ride

This summer King Kong returns to the City Beautiful as Universal Orlando® unleash its newest, most colossal ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure® “Skull Island: Reign of Kong.” The masterminds behind the multi-sensory ride leaked some big secrets that prove this attraction lives up to King Kong’s tagline “Eighth Wonder of the World.” First, gone are tracks—you’ll enter Skull Island on a road in a massive bottler truck turned ride vehicle that holds 72 friends and fellow adventurers. Second, your driver, a character from the classic story, leads you deep into the dangerous jungle and maneuvers through prehistoric predators in this larger-than-life attraction.


Each heavy-duty truck is a whopping 40-feet long and tips the scale at 17-tons—more than eight times the weight of the average SUV. A highly sophisticated positioning system helps the driver and truck navigate dangerous jungle terrain. Each wheel on the vehicle turns individually allowing the massive machine to make complicated maneuvers.

Nothing about this attraction is small, including the truck drivers. On your expedition you will meet one of five unique drivers, all of which add flair and big personality to the overall storyline and ride experience. The five drivers are:

  • Becky Callahan: A cowgirl who’s a bit of a loose-cannon. Becky isn’t fazed by the dangers awaiting her on Skull Island.
  • Will Denham: The green, fresh-faced, adventure-seeking younger cousin of famous movie actor Carl Denham.
  • Jinks Costanza: A hardened New York City ex-con who is wary of the island’s mysteries.
  • Kalana: A mystical descendent of the native people who first inhabited the island.
  • Charles “Doc” Jordan: A young PhD student studying paleontology who took time off from his studies to explore the world.

“Skull Island: Reign of Kong” promises gargantuan adventure and unparalleled entertainment. The best way to spend your vacation at Orlando’s world-class theme parks is to stay at the Rosen Inn, which is located just a couple miles from Universal Orlando® Resort and offers free shuttles to and from the parks.

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