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Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week in Orlando

Kindness is encouraged all year long but during the International Random Acts of Kindness Week we get an extra reminder to be kind. From February 9 to 15 make it a point to show kindness to yourself, others, and the planet. Check out our list for some great ideas on how to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week while on vacation in Orlando. Share your kind deeds on social media with #ROSENRAK2019.


1.      Offset your carbon footprint

Did you know airplanes produce an average 53 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile? Help offset your travel carbon footprint when you arrive by using public transportation, being mindful of energy and water use, and recycling. Our theme park shuttles offer an excellent way to reduce pollution when visiting Orlando attractions.

2.      Send a postcard to a friend with a positive message

Receiving snail mail is a rare and an exciting occurrence. Pick up a postcard at your favorite Orlando attraction and send a positive note to your friend. They’ll be happy to know you thought of them.

3.      Leave a big tip for your server or barista

Orlando’s servers and baristas work hard every day serving the 72 million tourists that visit every year, plus locals. Show your appreciation by surprising someone with an extra tip and a positive note on the receipt.

4.      Eat local

Eating locally ensures fresher flavors than you’ll find at chain restaurants, plus you’ll also help support the local community. For some ideas on delicious dining options in Orlando, check out our blog on Orlando’s best farm-to-fork restaurants.

5.      Put your phone away

We’re all guilty of a little too much screen time. In fact, studies say the average adult spends nearly 2.5 hours a day on their phone. Take a minute while on vacation to put your phone away and spend quality time enjoying family, friends, and new surroundings.

6.      Offer to take a photo for someone

Whether at the theme parks or at the shops, Orlando is full of picture perfect places. Offer to take a photo for someone so they can have the memory of their Orlando trip for years to come.

7.      Drink water

Be kind to your body and hydrate! This is especially important when out in the Florida heat. Purchase a reusable water bottle and make sure to bring it with you on your Orlando adventures.

8.      Take a walk in nature

Make time to appreciate and learn about the natural beauty of your vacation destination. A stroll through nature also helps lower stress. To get started, check out some of Orlando’s best gardens in our previous blog post.

9.      Help someone place their luggage in the overhead bin

Opportunities for random acts of kindness abound not only during your vacation but while you are traveling. If you spot someone struggling to store their luggage in the overhead bin on the plane, offer to lend a hand.

10.  Make a new friend

Strike up a conversation with the party ahead of you while standing in line at Disney, compliment your housekeeper, or chitchat with your Uber driver. There are plenty of opportunities for making a new friends during your travels.


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