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A Trip in an Orlando Vacation

First, let’s talk about that unique smell. Warm, earthy, maybe a little chocolate-y or like coffee. It’s sweet, musky, and immediately recognizable. It’s the smell of old books, called biblichor, which embraces you like a warm flannel blanket as you walk into a used book store. The scent alone can transport your thoughts to distant places, but the power of the story written in the books that moves the human spirit is why we celebrate World Book Day on April 23.

World Book Day is celebrated around the world in various ways. In Catalonia, Spain, locals celebrate it on Sant Jordi day, their Valentine’s Day. Books and roses are gifted on this day to honor the saint and his love for culture. Other cities host massive book sales in open air markets. Some countries wait to release new books on this day.

Celebrate World Book Day in Orlando by visiting any local book store. Share the gift of storytelling with your loved ones. Hopefully one of the topics below stokes your imagination and unlocks the unique universe only found within your mind.

African American Studies: Dare Books

You’ll need to drive a little to get to this store in Longwood, north of Orlando, but it’s worth the drive if you seek a collection of limited run books on African American topics, culture, and studies. Books here are geared toward readers of all ages.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comics: Gods & Monsters

Part bar, part collectibles store, part bookstore and all (self-proclaimed) nerd hub in a mini universe filled with sci-fi, manga, fantasy, and anime. Gods & Monsters also hosts frequent gaming nights, cosplay socials, and special events.

Spiritual & Self Help: Spiral Circle Books & Botanicals

Retune your chi and cleanse your aura in this unique book store. Crystals, essential oils, and incense are sold alongside books on metaphysics, spirituality, and new age self-help. The shop has a dedicated meditation room and the store owners host frequent clinics on how to use the materials and information found in this store.

Religion: Cristo La Roca Christian Bookstore and Lifepoint Christian Marketplace

Family-owned Cristo La Roca Christian Bookstore offers a rare selection of Christian books and movies in Spanish. Locally-owned Lifepoint Christian Marketplace, sells religious books, gifts, cards, church supplies, and Bible imprinting.

New Releases: Barnes & Noble

Major book chains have come and gone over the decades. A few like Barnes & Noble have survived in the digital age and the ever-growing online shopping experience. Barnes & Noble is great for current titles throughout a vast selection of categories.

Local Authors | Writer’s Block

Located in the trendy Winter Park shopping district, this independently-owned bookstore features a fine collection of gently preowned books and an eclectic collection of new releases. Quite the opposite of major chain bookstores, here you’ll find the latest books from Orlando’s own collection of authors.

The Den at Rosen Inn International

Located by the hotel lobby is a cozy nook with comfortable seating for you and your family. Nestled in this quiet seating area is a small library of free books donated by our hotel associates and guests. We welcome you to check out any books here or leave one behind. We love how reading is fun way to flex the mind and provide a unique mental escape.

While you’re enjoying a wonderful Orlando vacation, we hope you take time to explore the fascinating worlds contained in a great story. Whether it’s your go-to break from a busy day or part of your nightly wind-down routine, a good story is one that stays with you for life.

Even as you close a book and catch that sweet musky scent of ink branded on paper, the story doesn’t end. Our amenities and accommodations continue hopefully to envelop you in a setting that inspires relaxation and peace. Click on Check Room Availability at the top of this page to start your story tale Orlando vacation.

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