He ends his commute by climbing a small hill up the driveway of the Domavija Hotel, past the anti-aircraft gun stationed there. It has a seat, two pedals, two wheels for aiming, and three gun barrels. Once Nedret heard a Serb airplane overhead when nobody else was around and tried firing it himself, opening his mouth to equalize the pressure before the blasts. He missed, of course, but is proud of having tried. He loved not only science, but also literature, and made up poems to fill the boring hours of field work. He recognized each member of his flock of sheep and noted their personalities as if they were characters in a book, hanging bells on the“unsheepish” ones so he could hear them if they tried to run away. Because Nijaz was more experienced and had better equipment, Ilijaz had sent several heavily injured patients to him over the mountain paths. One, just a few days ago, had a broken femur. Nijaz told Ilijaz the man was improving. Dr. Friedman attempted a basic health history, but I was too paranoid and preoccupied with those“watching me” to talk coherently, so he went ahead and measured my blood pressure. He was alarmed: with a blood pressure reading at 180/100, those numbers alone could cause brain bleeding, stroke, or death.If she were a computer, he thought,we would have to restart her hard drive. He recommended placing me immediately on two different blood pressure medications.
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